I love making this granola because it is so good anytime.  I’ve made it for road trips, to snack on in the car riding to my kids sports games, lunch snacks or that quick energy snack in the middle of the day.  Read More
There are so many different Chili recipes. This is my version during the winter season. I’ve modified it slightly from my first recipe in my Cookbook ‘Short and Simple Recipes’. I like a chicken version during early spring or fall. Add more or less heat depending on your liking. I typically do not prefer kidney beans but they fit in this recipe perfectly as well. I hope you enjoy this version and it keeps you warm during this chilly season. Read More
I Iove making quiche pretty much any time of the year but especially in the Spring – Early Fall. It’s great for breakfast, late lunch and if a savory quiche an early dinner meal. Being from the Northwest now I had to put my spin on a Salmon quiche. I hope you enjoy it. Read More